When crypto mining started after launching of Bitcoin, some investors were fast to see where the blockchain technology was headed. They also understood that mining was about to become extra difficult with time. It is this understanding that prompted Eobot founders to come up with the idea of setting up mining hardware for standard users. This is a comprehensive review of Eobot to establish its operations and effectiveness.

What exactly is Eobot.com?

Eobot is a cryptocurrency mining company that was started in 2013. It is based in Los Angeles California and targets making cryptocurrency mining easy and fun. The company comprises of experts in computing and cryptocurrencies who are committed to creating the best environment for coins mining.

Since their establishment, the main objective has been following the latest technologies in the crypto mining niche and ensuring that users get the best experience. In particular, they keep updating their mining hardware to ensure the system is running on the latest technology.

eobot review

Notably, Eobot has expanded its mandate beyond mining services. They also allow users to rent their hashpower and point it to the preferred mining pools. You can even use the service to mine with individual computers. The platform wants to make it easy for users to mine and achieve more without incurring additional costs.

Since their entry into the market, their user base has grown to more than 600,000. This demonstrates the effectiveness of their services and commitment to customer value.

How does Eobot work?

To start using Eobot, you are required to sign for an account with them. This means visiting their website and creating a user account with personal information. It is just like opening a personal email. If you want to use Eobot on the phone, it is important to download their mobile app for either iOS or Android.

They provide rental contracts for miners based on their personal preferences. Depending on your anticipated mining method, Eobot provides facilities for both scrypt algorithm and SHA256 that closely follow the Bitcoin difficulty to make mining easy.

Using the equipment and features, Eobot provides short and long-term contracts. Miners can opt for short-term contracts of 24 hours or longer contracts of up to 5 years. By adopting the latest technologies, Eobot makes it easy to mine up to 21 different cryptocurrencies. The main machines in use today are the Antiminers S7 and S9 series that guarantee higher efficiency to the users.

The Eobot pricing

The pricing of Eobot services is based on the selected hashing power equipment. The company charges $0.00021 GH/s every day for 4GH/S Antiminer S9 miner Rig. An additional 34p% is charged for maintenance. The fee is deducted every time clients get paid.

The maintenance fee charges at Eobot can change from time to time. The charges are based on the service’s Alloscope calculator. After the fee hits 100% on any mining rig or cryptocurrency, mining that coin halts. Mining is only restored to when the fee goes down to about 90%. Eobot indicates that they also terminate a contract is the fees for a client reaches 100%.

Some closures were implemented in the summer of 2016 when Bitcoin halving occurred. Because Eobot provided cloud mining for 3 GH/s and 2GH/s contracts, the sudden fall in Bitcoin prices in the summer of 2016 made it extra difficult to mine. They had to close the contracts to ensure that both the firm and clients were operating profitably.

To ensure that as many users continue operating profitably, Eobot progressively upgrades its equipment regularly. This is one unique characteristic that differentiates the company from others. The payments and withdrawals can be made via MasterCard, American Express, JCB cards, and Discover Cards.

Pros of using Eobot.com

  • It takes mining to a whole new level with side projects. Users can do and achieve much more with Eobot.com service compared to other crowd mining services.
  • The cloud mining service allows users to mine many cryptocurrencies. Miners can, therefore, select the cryptocurrencies that are more profitable and invest in them. It is crucial to follow such cryptos to identify the shifting demand and ease of mining.
  • The company operates in a very open way. By giving the location of their offices, they gain a lot of trust because people know it is a real company. This has been the reason for the company‚Äôs huge following.
  • They have both Android and iOS apps for their users. This makes it easy for people to stay in touch with their mining accounts and even mine when they are away from computers.
  • Eobot.com is very easy to use. Whether you are new to crypto mining or simply want to shift to a new service, Eobot.com makes everything easy and fast.

The cons of using Eobot.com

  • When compared to other cloud mining services, the Eobot.com maintenance fee is relatively high. This means that it will eat into your profits and lower ROI.
  • While the company is very open about its location, it remains quiet about the owners. This has been one of the reasons some people have been associating it with scams. This is not a good tag for a company that has been in operation since 2013 and that commits to taking crypto mining to the next level.

The final take

Eobot is one of the oldest cloud mining services around the globe. The design and structure of the services target bringing people who want to directly mine coins or target lending the hashing power. By maintaining a good customer support and guaranteeing users ability to mine multiple cryptos, Eobot has won trust from miners.

Though the profits from Eobot are not as high as those from other cloud mining services, miners prefer it because it is open and reliable. This means that you are dealing with a real mining company and not a scam. If you are targeting to join a cloud mining service or want to shift to a more reliable company, Eobot is one service that will never disappoint.