Cryptocurrencies in the market today have presented users with a unique way of making payment across the globe. But this is a tip of the iceberg! Blockchain technology has opened a new way to benefit from digital currencies. Indeed, it is a whole new form of operation from the digital currencies.

Many people look at cryptocurrencies as a full source of revenue through direct trading at the exchange market. But it is mining that has attracted a lot of people. To mine cryptocurrencies, new companies such as HourPower.biz have entered the market. In this post, we take a closer look at this cloud mining company to establish whether it is a great option for you.

What exactly is cryptocurrency mining?

To understand how HourPower.biz works, let us take a closer look at the mining process. Mining is the bedrock of the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies operations. It is the process of confirming transactions and creating new blocks in any cryptocurrency network. When users make transactions such as sending payments, the transaction must be confirmed by different miners in a highly encrypted and anonymous manner.

Hourpower.biz Review

The miners are rewarded with coins for being part of the network and participating in the transaction. When cryptocurrencies entered the market, the mining process was very easy. In fact, people could simply use their computers to mine Bitcoins in 2009. However, the mining difficulty is adjusted regularly which means miners need more complex mining hardware. This is where the problem began.

HourPower.biz targets making mining a realistic event and investment for all. In most cases, people with standard computers were left out because they could not hit the required hashing power. HourPower.biz has installed some of the most complicated mining hardware with a target of ensuring your standard computers can mine the cryptocurrency.

The company has installed multiple mining rigs and data centers all over the globe to guarantee users of better service, a higher value for money, and optimal profits.

How does HourPower.biz operate

The first step in using HourPower.biz is visiting their website and signing for a mining account. Then, you have to pick a mining contract and an appropriate plan. Since their entry into the cryptocurrency mining market, the main focus of HourPower.biz includes the following;

  • Helping miners understand and operate more effectively.
  • They target making mining easy and reliable.
  • Ensuring that miners can easily link their investments to mining returns.
  • Continuously upgrading the mining hardware to guarantee users of better rates depending on their contracts.

To start mining through their network, the company requires users to signup for user accounts and deposit ample cash to buy specific plans. They provide lifetime contracts to their users and guarantee them stress-free mining.

The company also runs a referral system that seeks to reward miners who refer others to the network. This has been the main method of getting new users to join the cloud mining service. For example, a person who runs a blog about cryptocurrencies can refer the traffic to the HourPower.biz and expect a 3-10% bonus.

Customer user plans based on building relationships

While other companies are rushing to optimize profits, the HourPower.biz is interested in creating relationships. The contracts and plans are crafted with a particular focus on getting everyone onboard and optimizing their mining. There are three main plains in the service including;

  • Plan 1: This plan offers 1.48-1.55% returns on hourly basis for 72 hours. Investors are required to invest between $5 and $5,000.
  • Plan II: This plan guarantees 2.5-3.0% returns hourly for 48 hours. Under the plan, you have to invest between $500- $50,000.
  • Plan III: This is the most lucrative plan that has 8-10% hourly for 24 hours. To get the high returns promised under this plan, you need to invest $5,000 to $500,000.

All the three plans provide instant withdrawal and come with multiple layers of security. Your account and wallet will be protected with SSL security and DDOS protection to reduce the danger of intrusion.

Customer support and user experience

Once you join the HourPower.biz mining network, the company makes the process very easy to understand. It has multiple lines of communication that users can follow to get issues resolved fast and professionally. First, users can check the FAQ page that answers the common questions. Here, you will get answers to every issue from joining the mining service to getting payments.

If you want to get support from the team and entire mining community, it is better to consider visiting their social media accounts. Here, members share their experiences freely and help others especially the new ones. Notably, the service has a direct call line that you can also use. However, it is only reserved for those in the advanced user plans.

Pros of using HourPower.biz services

  • HourPower.biz helps to make mining east, fast, and reliable. Whether you are new or have been in the mining business for some time, shifting to HourPower.biz is very easy.
  • They promise a very generous benefits scheme of 1.48-10% depending on the selected plan.
  • The company offers a long-term investment that guarantees users of sustained high profits.
  • The continuously look for newer technologies to ensure that miners can enjoy better services.
  • They have a very generous bonus reward scheme. If you refer a lot of friends into the network, the reward will be very high even without direct mining.
  • The HourPower.biz allows people to mine different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Cons of using HourPower.biz

  • The charges on miners are not adequately outlined. Unlike other companies that give a clear account of the charges that miners can anticipate, HourPower.biz is quiet.
  • When compared to other cloud mining services, HourPower.biz does not have a model of minimizing losses. In other companies, the mining contracts are temporarily put on hold when mining costs surpass the profits.

The final take

HourPower.biz cloud mining and its management team have demonstrated their commitment to delivering high value to their clients. They have made mining unique, created method of including everybody, and making the process fun. Whether you are new and want to join the fast-growing mining world, this is a great place to start.