Micro BTC

Mining is a lucrative investment. For about ten years, mining has become the ultimate way to get more and enjoy huge returns. When a cryptocurrency enters the market, one of the defining characteristics is release of definite coins into the market.

As more people continue mining the coins, they keep decreasing, and the process of getting them gets extra difficult. The method of dealing with this is increasing the mining difficulty so that only fewer miners ultimately get the coins.

The ever-rising mining difficulty means that your standard computer can no longer generate the required huge hashing power. This is where top cloud mining companies come to play. This post is a closer look at one of the top cloud mining companies; Micro-BTC.

What exactly is Micro-BTC?

Micro-BTC is a cloud mining service that allows users to mine Bitcoins without investing in expensive hardware. They target making your standard home computer as complicated as the most costly mining rig. In their website, the mining service refers itself as a mining process. This means that once you join it, the process of enjoying more hashing power, owning mining, and optimizing profits commence. You could start with the free plan and then advance to the most lucrative ones for higher returns.

micro btc review

The management team of Micro-BTC understands the complexity involved in mining Bitcoins and other crypto coins efficiently. Because of this, they ask users to concentrate on mining while they handle the complex bit of the hardware and software. The focus of their efforts is to keep improving the system so that all users can make more profits no matter the shifting mining difficulties.

Getting started and using Micro-BTC

Getting started with Micro-BTC is easy, fast, and fun. If you are unsure about the service, the best thing is picking the free plan. This is a plan that allows you to start mining immediately and enjoy your profits for free. However, the returns for this plan are meager because what you invest is simply your time.

Even joining other plans is equally easy. You simply signup for an account, pick the plan and pay the required amount. Then, you are ready to start mining. Before you start mining, it is advisable to look at the different coins in the market and only pick the right ones or pools that have optimal results.

To avoid issues during payouts, it is important to ensure that your details are captured correctly when signing up for the account. You should also select the most effective method for payment and payouts. For example, if you opt for MasterCard, consider sticking to it to make payment links consistent. This will also be very useful when drawing metrics.

The mining plans and lifetime contracts

The effectiveness of any mining service depends on its ability to incorporate more people. Micro-BTC ensures that all people can use the service by breaking them into four main plans.

  • The free plan: This is the most basic plan that people who are skeptical about the Micro-BTC system should go for. Miners are given free 30 GH/s and a lifetime contract. This means that you can continue operating profitably under the account for life. Though you have not invested anything, Micro-BTC believes that your time is ample and should be rewarded.
  • The starter plan: This is the basic paid plan that people who only wish to make a limited investment into mining should go for. It starts users with 100 GH/s and is tied to a lifetime contract. Users are guaranteed of profits and bonus of up to 80 GH/s. Payouts are done every time you request them as far as the output threshold is met.
  • The premium plan: This is the third plan and second most lucrative. Its users get very high hashing power starting from 15000 GH/s. It also attaches a lifetime contract and guaranteed profit for users. When you join the service, a bonus of 2500 GH/s is offered.
  • The Golden plan: This is the most advanced plan in the Micro-BTC service. It provides a very high hashing power starting from 100,000 GH/s. Like others, it is attached to a lifetime contract and a bonus of 10,000 GH/s. Always remember that the higher the hashing power, the higher the profits one can make.

Key pros of using the service

  • It is the only mining service that allows users to join without paying anything. On their free plan, people who want to become part of the service can join and start making profits.
  • There are very many plans that people intending to join can use. This means that no matter your financial capability, there is room for you to join and start making profits. However, the profits range depending on the plan that you select.
  • It is one of the most trusted cloud mining services out there. More people want to be associated with a company that has structures, and that can be seen. This makes the company more appealing and easy to associate with.
  • This is the only mining service where miners are not overburdened with another load of maintenance. When a mining services price various contracts, it should be inclusive of the maintenance. This is what Micro-BTC does to ensure that more profit ends up in the miner’s pocket.
  • The process of joining and mining coins at Micro-BTC is very easy. Miners only need to signup for an account and start mining immediately.

Disadvantages of being on Micro-BTC

The main disadvantage of using Micro-BTC is that you mine coins via a third party. The changes on the charges and other associated areas are, therefore, tagged to the third party. The profit margin could significantly go up if you own the mining rigs and are in control of everything.

The final take

This is one of the best services for mining crypto coins to date. The design and focus of the management team demonstrate commitment to high customer value and progressive development. Their plans’ diversity and affordable rates attest to the commitment to make mining realistic for all. Well, if you want to mine more and make higher returns, this is a great place to begin.