MinerGate is a cloud mining platform that promises to provide users highest profit when mining. The platform allows people to auto mine coins that have the highest exchange rate. This means you can get the highest profit from the lent computing power.

MinerGate supports different currencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and Zcash.

How exactly does MinerGate work?

If you want to use MinerGate, it is very straightforward. Simply download their user agent and create an account. After creating an account, users can also use the website that utilizes the computer’s bandwidth to help mine cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other cloud mining platforms, MinerGate helps to clear the common complexities of mining. You do not require Matrix terminals, complicated parameters or commands. Simply get a standard computer with internet connection. Then, let MinerGate do the rest.

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To consider it technically, MinerGate is a GUI miner. This means that the miner has its own interface in addition to the mining platform. The software also incorporates multi-pools to enhance the mining efficiency.

It is important to the point that though MinerGate looks highly simplified, it uses a complex algorithm to run the applications in the background. Another notable thing about the algorithm is that it varies the mining difficulty depending on the equipment being used. This is the best way to take mining to every person has a computer, a mouse, and internet connection.

Mining with MinerGate

Notably, MinerGate targets simplifying crypto coins mining as much as possible. You only need to follow these three steps;

  • Step one: Download and install the MinerGate client-`The MinerGate user client will provide you with the right interface to access all the features.
  • Step two: Create a mining account- Once you create an account, it makes it possible to access the mining wallet. At this point, you can start mining. It is crucial to secure the wallet with a very strong password to make it hard for hackers to break into the account.
  • Step three: Scan the computer hardware and start mining – Open the MinerGate and it will immediately start scanning the computer hardware so that it can select the most profitable crypto depending on the computer capacity, difficulty, and crypto prices.

At this point, simply hit Start Mining and select the number of cores to dedicate to the entire process. The fewer the cores you select on the GPU/CPU, the slower the hash rate.

The main features of the MinerGate

The design of MinerGate was targeted at giving users more and making mining direct. The design team was particularly focused on providing rich features for extra profitability. Here are the main features;

  • Multi-pool: Mining at MinerGate is categorized into pools that make it easier for miners to pick the most profitable place. You can select from the multiple cryptocurrencies based on their strength in the market and latest trends.
  • Smart mining: As a platform for optimizing mining returns, the algorithm applied in MinerGate helps users to pick the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. You can even switch between cryptocurrencies depending on the shifting demand in the market. Note that if you do not want to use the Smart Mining feature, it can be turned off to focus on the currency alone.
  • Merged Mining: One unique thing about MinerGate is that it allows users to mine multiple currencies simultaneously. The service helps you to achieve this without reducing the hash rate of your computer.
  • The mining hardware intensity: MinerGate allows miners to use their CPU, GPU or combine them. It is up to the miner to select the number of the core to use from each. This is a great method to manage power consumption and system heat to give the system a longer lifespan.
  • Admin mining software: The MinerGate admin version app allows miners to start mining without necessarily opening the wallet. This guarantees users of faster access to the mining platform and extra security.
  • Metrics and tracking feature: To know the performance of your mining account, MinerGate provides users with progressive metrics. The metrics allow them carefully analyze whether their targets and profits are being met. One unique thing about the MinerGate is that its metrics allows users to follow and compare their performance to those of other miners. If you are performing poorly, MinerGate will demonstrate what can be done differently to raise the targets and achieve better targets.
  • The badge reward system: To motivate miners to work harder, MinerGate rewards them with a badge and special prizes. When you become exemplary in mining on the network, a reward, and a special badge will be attached to the account.

Pros of using MinerGate

  • MinerGate creates a DAG file that guarantees less stress for the user computer. This means that you can optimize mining even with the standard computer.
  • MinerGate has simplified mining completely so that every person can participate. People do not have to buy expensive mining hardware. The only thing that one needs is a standard computer to start mining the preferred coins.
  • Even people who prefer old school mining can still use the traditional methods such as Ethminer to access and mine the MinerGate pool.
  • Unlike other cloud cryptocurrency mining, MinerGate allows users to mine multiple currencies at once. This guarantees every miner of the highest possible profit.
  • MinerGate supports a lot of cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ether), Bitcoin (BTC), Dashcoin (DASH), Infinium-S (INFS), Bytecoin (BCN), and Zcash (Zcash).

Cons of using MinerGate

Just like other cloud mining services, the biggest undoing of MinerGate is that it does not reveal the pricing model. Users only focus on optimizing the profits though the actual returns and deductions are unclear.

The final take

The traditional cryptocurrency mining is very complicated. New mining platforms such as MinerGate have become extra useful because they not only simplify the process, but also allow users to use their computers. This is one of the best ways of taking mining to the people. Though this cloud mining does not reveal the actual mining pricing, it is a great place to start especially for new miners.