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While a lot of cryptocurrencies have been founded in the last couple of years, the main target has been to enhance the privacy of all transactions. This objective has been attained only to a certain level of success by different blockchain platforms. One of the latest cryptocurrencies that target to enhance anonymity is Moreno. Here is a closer look of Moreno to establish when it was established, mode of operation, and key features.

What is Monero?


Monero is an open source Cryptocurrency that was started in 2014 by a computing team of experts only known as thankful_for_today. With Monero, users are like banks and, therefore, responsible for their funds, accounts, and transactions that are kept completely private from public eyes.

The main goal of starting Monero was to enhance the privacy of transactions that had proved elusive in other cryptocurrencies. This objective has been achieved, and the platform has won the tag of the most private blockchain in the world. It uses advanced cryptography to allow users to send cash to other people without getting visible in public.

Since it was founded, the platform was migrated to various databases to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and adopted minimum ring size signatures. Note that the ring signatures technology was discovered way back in 2001 even before Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency, was founded. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies opted for alternatives that have performed sub-optimally in guaranteeing users of total anonymity. Moreno was the first to test the technology, and the results have yielded a lot of results.

How Monero Works?

Monero is one of the top cryptocurrencies that are highly committed to guaranteeing users of top notch privacy. Here, unlike other networks, you do not need to trust many people as it happens with fiat currencies. The platform utilizes a proof-of-work algorithm that allows common computers to operate as internodes. However, the same algorithm makes it very difficult to acquire excessive mining power so guarantee all nodes of safety.

To start using Monero, new users are required to sign up with their details and then download the platform on their computers. Using ring signature technologies and virtual addresses, Monero combines user account and public keys to generate unique rings which make it impossible to single out the identity of individuals in the network.

Just like other cryptocurrencies, Monero offers its users with opportunities to mine blocks. Though each person can join various mining pools, one can also mine at the individual level. As far as you have a computer and installed the Monero platform, you do not need any specialized software to start trading.

In other networks, Ring technology is mainly applied in mixing coins. However, Monero mixes both keys and coins to reduce possibilities of suspicion and ultimate identification of senders and recipients of cash in Monero platform.

Note that Monero users have the responsibilities of keeping their keys private. However, they could opt to share them with selected people in the network. It is however, advisable to ensure that only highly trusted people can access your account and avoid personal details getting leaked.

Main features of Monero


This is a special algorithm technology that obscures signatures of senders and receivers in the platform. This makes it possible to hide the identities of users in the network completely.

Proof of work

This is the main technology used in Monero platform to assess and deter denial of service. The technology helps to prevent a single individual holding majority controlling stake in mining to reduce the dangers of falling prey to attacks.

Transaction information and censorship (TBA)

This is a trade reporting and dissemination that helps to help reduce the transaction time frame. At Monero, tba uses Securitized Product Dissemination Service to enhance security and operational timeframe.

Monero community

To make it easy for Monero users to understand the system, use the right mining strategies, and follow the market performance.

The main pros of Monero

  • It is among the fastest transferable cryptocurrencies in the Cryptocurrency world.
  • Monero provides the highest possible level of fungibility which means it can be substituted for other currencies.
  • Because of the untraceable nature, Monero has continued to grow steadily since inception. This has particularly been accelerated by recommendations from black webs communities such as Oasis and AlphaBay.
  • Users can buy Monero using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The major cons of joining Monero

While Monero is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies out there, it still harbors the common problems depicted by other blockchains.

  • It has largely come to be associated with the black web and fraudsters because they are sure of staying completely anonymous.
  • The high price volatility has come to be associated with poor credibility. Some users might opt to wait and see the emerging trend and see the emerging trend.

Monero Price

Where to Buy and Sell Monero in Australia?

Crypto Currency for Fun recommends buying Monero at CoinSpot. CoinSpot is a multi cryptocurrency wallet with built-in trading features. Users can store many coins, including Monero and they offer Instant Delivery or your coins right into your account.


Monero has demonstrated that careful selection of the right technologies and applying them in blockchains can help to address issues that plague previous platforms. This has made it one of the most potential cryptocurrencies in the globe today that people should consider joining for higher rewards.

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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet