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The entry of blockchain technology ushered in a new way of earning a lot of money; mining crypto coins. Mining allows people to join various cryptocurrency networks and help in advancing them by confirming transactions. It is now 9 years since the entry of the first blockchain network. As more cryptocurrencies enter the market, mining has become even more difficult.

Recently, mining has become extremely difficult because most cryptocurrencies require complicated equipment with very high hashing power. A good example is Bitcoin. Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, cannot be mined using standard computers. Since very few people can afford the expensive mining hardware, the process has increasingly been left to the elite. This is what cloud mining companies are helping to fix. One of these cloud mining service is Scheriton. In this post, we take a deeper look at Scheriton to establish whether it is the cloud service you should invest in.

How does Scheriton work?

Scheriton is a cloud mining service structured to help users mine multiple cryptocurrencies. The company has assembled the latest and most efficient hardware in multiple data centers to generate the highest possible hashing power. Then, it lends the mining power to miners who want to mine different crypto assets.

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To start mining using Scheriton services, you are required to register with them, select an appropriate crypto wallet, and pick the currencies of choice. The target of the Scheriton team is to help every miner including the new ones to easily join and start mining.

To make the service easy and fun to use even for beginners, the Scheriton team allows members to pay for the service with fiat currencies including dollars. It also has an attractive interface that is easy to use when mining, following cryptocurrencies performance, and even withdrawing funds.

The main features of Scheriton cloud mining

The two-pronged affiliate program

This is one of the most elaborate features in the Scheriton system. The affiliate program allows users to get special rewards through referrals. This program is divided into two;

  • The accrual of premium in hash power: This means that when you refer new users, rewards are given in the form of additional hash power. You get 15% and 5% of the hash power that level 1 and 2 referrals buy respectively.
  • The accrual of premium in dollars: In this type of referral, rewards are given in the form of US dollars. For both referral models, you will get an additional 5GH/s hash power.

For those who run crypto related blogs, the referral program can be highly rewarding because of the large traffic they can funnel to Scheriton. You could even negotiate for better rewards when the referrals are many.

The multi-language support

Scheriton targets taking mining services to all people across the globe. To make this possible, it has introduced a multi-language feature that allows you for mining in the local language. Simply check whether the mining service is available in your language.

The Scheriton news feature

Once you join Scheriton, it is imperative to follow the performance of different cryptocurrencies. Scheriton’s news feature brings you the latest in the world of cryptocurrency. They are particularly focused on catching news that affects the cryptos so that you can mine them with a bias to the most profitable asset.

The Sheraton statistics and calculator

Mining and trading in cryptocurrencies require regular calculations. It is very crucial to get it right because decisions are based on the market variation. The statistics and calculator are crucial features that help to point at the performance of different assets. The statistics are particularly useful because they show the progress of various assets over time.

Scheriton support services

One outstanding thing about Scheriton services is its unique support services. The company has multiple lines of support to ensure that all miners can get assistance when there are issues. You can reach the support through its website or follow them on social media. They also have a very detailed FAQ page that answers most questions about the services operations. If you are new and unsure of how to start in the system, the chances are that a related question had been answered.

Pros of using the Scheriton service for mining

  • The service is very easy to use even for beginners. From registration to mining, it only takes a short moment before getting the entire procedure and applying it appropriately.
  • Scheriton allows users to mine multiple crypto assets. This is a great advantage because people are not tied to a single asset. If you find one asset is not profitable, simply go to the next.
  • Employing multiple security layers to keep users accounts and investment protected. Just like in the conventional currency market, security is very important in crypto mining. To keep users’ information and currency safe, Scheriton uses DDoS protection and SSL protection. This means that it is very difficult for intruders to break into your account.
  • This cloud mining service has a very intuitive user interface. The user interface of Scheriton allows miners easily access all the components of the service. Whether you want to follow latest metrics, specific cryptocurrency, or affiliate program, they are only a click away.
  • The affiliate program allows miners to earn more even without direct mining.
  • They allow multiple payment methods that make it easy to join, deposit, and mining. By accepting globally accepted methods such as pioneer and Perfect Money together with other cryptocurrencies, people can connect mining to the conventional world.

Cons of using Scheriton

There is very little known about the company. Today, a lot of skepticism has grappled the crypto world. Though many people indicate that operations in the cryptocurrencies should always be anonymous, miners ought to know about those they are working with. By failing to disclose ample company details including owners, Scheriton has often been regarded as a scam.

The final take

Scheriton services have emerged as one of the most preferred options in crypto mining. Though its identity is still unclear, the service has demonstrated huge potential for miners. Its unique design, ease of use, multiple payments, and generous reward model are all very attractive. If you are looking for a mining service that is reliable and more rewarding, Scheriton is a great option.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet